Unfortunately there is no user support available with this provider.

Here is a list of possible reasons why you were not credited at this time.

1. The offer was completed by you or someone in your household in the past.

2. The app was previously installed on your device.

3. The information/evidence you entered was not accepted by the advertiser.

4. There was a lack of evidence to prove offer completion.

5. Your offer completion was not found in their tracking system.

6. You had ad-blocking software enabled when completing the offer.

7. You were connected to/using a VPN or Proxy server while completing the offer.

8. You have clicked on this same offer several times from different offerwalls.

We wish we had more information to provide you with and apologize for the inconvenience.

We do understand the time and effort you put into completing the offer.

Please note that the awarding/issuing of credit is at the discretion of the advertiser.

We appreciate doing business with you and thank you for your understanding in this matter

TimeBucks Support Team.

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