Engaged hits is a 3rd party site TimeBucks uses for you to earn money,

We do not have any control of the running of Engaged Hits

You get 10 videos followed by 240 mins break then 10 videos followed by 24 hour break

If you miss the cycle or stop your videos at any count say 13 (for eg) then It resumes from where you stopped that is with 14th video on next day and you would see only 7 videos on that day making your total videos to be (13 on day 1 + 7 on day 2) 20 which gets followed by a 24 hour timer.

If you are having any problems I suggest you uninstall the extension, clear your cache, and restart your device, download the extension again from the Engaged Hits tab on TimeBucks, and Install it.

You could go to the Engaged Hits dashboard use the blue icon, bottom right of their page to contact their support. or you could get quicker response if you join Engaged Hits Telegram room

We also have a live chat system built into TimeBucks where you can chat live with the Engaged Hits admin. Go to the support tab and select "Engaged Hits" from the drop down menu.

If you have not been credited, check out your Engage Tab

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