Engaged hits is a 3rd party site TimeBucks uses for you to earn money, it is a Youtube exchange platform where users watch other videos in return to having other users watch their own videos. Not only watching videos, but performing Youtube searches with the keywords you provide, liking, commenting, subscribing and more.

DO NOT run the latest kiwi browser for mobile. (Feb 2021 recommended)

You won't be able to get higher than $0.21 in pending earnings

You MUST complete at least 4 items in the Daily Checklist from the Dashboard OR

Just one full survey from the Surveys tab in order to cash out your pending Engage earnings.

You get 10 videos followed by 240 mins break then 10 videos followed by 24 hour break

The clock on Timebucks is different than the one for EH If you watch all 20 videos in the same day before Timebucks resets, you will get paid for all 20 WHEN it resets. And the EH timer STARTS at the end of your last video.

So if you watch 10 videos before TB resets, and another 10 after, you will get paid for 10 at reset. But EH still starts it's timer at the end of the last one.

so in order to fix this you need to skip an entire day of watching. If you want to be credited for all 20 videos in one day, you need to watch all of them before timebucks resets. so you have from 12:01am until 11:59pm to get all of them in.

You see EH runs on a basic System

It allows you to watch 20 videos irrespective of number of days you take to watch the videos and after the end of 20 the video it gives you a timer of 24 hours

On the bottom right of all pages on our website you will notice a help icon. We strive to reply to all tickets within 1 business day.

ENGAGED HITS web site.

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