The following improvements have been made to the Tasks tab:

1. We have added a "View Instructions" link that you can easily hover your mouse over (or tap on mobile) to instantly preview the campaign instructions without having to click the View button and click Back.

2. If you click the "Hide This Task" button it instantly hides the task without the 2 second lag.

3. Before, if you scroll down the page and click View on a task, then click the BACK button, it would bring you back to the Tasks tab and you would lose your scroll position. Now, we scroll you to the exact spot you were before, and we highlight the task you clicked on and show the word "clicked", so you don't get confused about which tasks you have already checked.

4. We now keep your selected categories saved, even if you refresh. So if you choose "Website signup" and Sort by "Highest Rate First", if you refresh, we load the same category selection each time, so remember to change it back to All Categories when you are finished otherwise you won't see all the tasks.

5. The tasks tab loads twice as fast now when first displaying the campaigns.

6. Instead of redirecting to the My Submissions tab after you submit your proof to a campaign, we are now redirecting you straight back to the Tasks tab. You will see the Pending Earnings has increased in the tasks tab anyway. This makes doing tasks much faster, without requiring more page views to get back to where you want to be.

The best way to go through tasks is to first narrow down your category to the ones you are looking for, then hover over instructions to check if you might be interested in doing it. If not, you should click Hide This Task, so it doesn't show again. Keep going until you find a task to submit to. This is the correct way to perform tasks the fastest.

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