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How do I change the survey language? I don't understand it?
How do I change the survey language? I don't understand it?
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Changing a Survey's Language

If you're using a survey, you may find yourself wanting to change the language. Unfortunately, surveys are generally only written in one language and cannot be changed. If you have trouble understanding the language of the survey, there are some external solutions you can try.

Using Google Chrome Extensions

Assuming you are using Google Chrome, you can try installing a browser extension, such as Google Translate, to help translate the text in the survey. With this extension installed, you can easily translate text to your preferred language with just a few clicks.

After installing the extension, open the survey and click the Google Translate icon next to the address bar. Select your preferred language, and all of the text in the survey should be translated into that language.


In summary, you can’t change the language of the survey because they are only written in one language. You can try using Google Translate extension in Google Chrome.

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