We often have special hot offers that are aimed at different countries. You need to follow the instructions very closely.

Theses offers are logged and tracked to completion.

If you have done all the required steps and not been credited, please send a screenshot of your completions to Support so it can be investigated why.

Some of the reason it may not credit you is:

1. The offer was completed by you or someone in your household in the past.

2. The app was previously installed on your device.

3. The information/evidence you entered was not accepted by the advertiser.

4. There was a lack of evidence to prove offer completion.

5. Your offer completion was not found in their tracking system.

6. You had ad-blocking software enabled when completing the offer.

7. You were connected to or using a VPN or Proxy server while completing the offer.

8. You have clicked on this same offer several times from different offerwalls.

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