Before you get access to all the surveys, we need to make sure you are serious about doing surveys properly. You must do our quality testing survey and get at least 80% correct, it only takes 6 minutes. Marketing research companies put a lot of work into their surveys; they will pay more and give us more if we can prove our users do read the questions, and answer honestly. Surveys are loaded with trap questions designed to see if you are just choosing random answers or if you are paying attention and answering them correctly. Over time, we build a quality score on your profile, and the higher your score is the more surveys you will get access to and the more money you will make. However, if you are not serious, you will fail and you won’t get any surveys, and you won’t make money. Do the right thing, and if you really want to make money, tell the truth, be honest, take your time and read the survey questions and answer carefully!

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