Out Terms of Service state: You must not use any VPN to register for TimeBucks, or use a VPN whilst inside of TimeBucks to perform tasks.

Make sure if you need to use a VPN somewhere else, make sure you close the browser after turning VPN off, before login to TimeBucks.

Some browsers have built in VPN’s, such as Opera, Globus, Tenta, Epic, TOR, Aloha and UR Browsers, If you use any of these Timebucks software will detect them eventually and you will lose all your earnings.

A VPN does not protect your internet connection, it hides your destination from everyone, by telling everyone you’re in a different location then your really are,

TimeBucks uses your location to send you Surveys for your location, if your location is not correct, you would be getting surveys not written for you.

Antivirus programs are good sometimes, but they do get a lot of things wrong, try and see if it has a VPN, and try to turn it off, Internet Security programs often use VPN's because it hides a person’s real destination, whoever using survey based sites like this one, we need to know your location to send you the correct surveys

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