Clicks are ordered by Earnings Per Second. They are not ordered by highest rate, or shortest length. The click campaign you get shown, is the one that will make you the most amount of money based on your time watching it.

For example, take these two campaigns:
Campaign A - Length 120 seconds - Rate $0.08
Campaign B - Length 10 seconds - Rate $0.006

In the scenario above, Campaign A would get shown first because the earnings per second calculates to $0.00066
The earnings per second of Campaign B calculates to $0.00060 - which is slightly less.

There may also be cases where a lower rate gets shown before a higher rate:
Campaign A - Length 20 seconds - Rate $0.04
Campaign B - Length 5 seconds - Rate $0.02

In this case, campaign B would be shown first, since the rate per second is $0.004 compared to $0.002 of Campaign A.

To just to be clear, you are ALWAYS shown the best paying ad for your time.

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