When you arrive in a new country and login to timebucks, we will send an email to the registered email box of the account,

you need to access that email and use the link in it to confirm this is really you trying to login,

The first thing you must do is contact TimeBucks Support to let them know you are in a new country, so your country code in your profile can be updated.

If this is not done, and you try to enter one of the survey providers, they will check your location with your profile, you may get banned and not be told.

When you return you will again receive the email, and it needs to be confirmed.

And again, TimeBucks Support need to be told.

If you have moved permanently, contact TimeBucks support with a Facial picture of yourself outside the house you are staying, and the street address,

or your entry visa to the new country, with these details we can change your country so you can do surveys.

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